Collaborative Law

Caro Taylor
Caro Taylor, Collaborative Lawyer, Member of the Poole/Bournemouth and Dorchester Groups


Solicitors in North and West Dorset continue to progress the Collaborative initiative to assist parties in the resolution of all aspects of family and relationship breakdowns.

Chair of the Group, Richard Baker, confirmed that enquiries about the new process are growing and that, “with more accredited Practitioners in the region, more and more cases are being resolved successfully using the process”.

The initiative requires the parties and their lawyers to work collectively to resolve issues in a series of round table meetings and avoids the need for unnecessary, often harmful, correspondence. Sarah Jones commented that the process is a natural progression from Mediation, the parties being able to sit down with their suitably qualified lawyers and to resolve matters around the table. “This is seen as very positive and constructive by the participants that I have worked with to date”. The whole approach requires the parties to work in harmony and to understand the other’s fears and concerns.

Tim Guppy explained that an additional fundamental aspect underpinning the Collaborative process was the agreement from all parties not to go to Court, confirming in a Participation Agreement that, in the event the Collaborative process breaks down, the parties need to instruct new solicitors for any litigation. “This has proven to be exceedingly useful in assisting everyone concentrate on resolving their dispute as, ending up in Court, would be a failure”.

All Collaborative Practitioners have agreed that this process is particularly useful in removing the conflict from family disputes and is particularly beneficial in the interests of children. A Collaborative dialogue assists parents making incredibly important decisions about their children’s future in the immediate aftermath of separation and beyond and developing workable parenting arrangements.

The message is Collaborate Don’t Litigate and if you, or your families or friends, are in the unfortunate position of a relationship breakdown point them immediately in the direction of an accredited Collaborative Practitioner.

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